Privacy Policy

orb Inc. (the “Company”) sets out the privacy policy as below to promote the protection of personal information by fully committing all employees to understand the importance and initiatives of protecting personal information.

Personal information management

The Company works to keep the personal information of service users (the “Users”) accurate and up to date. In addition, to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration, or disclosure of personal information, the Company will take necessary measures such as maintaining security systems, structuring management systems, and training employees thoroughly, which will be safety measures for managing personal information.

The purpose of personal information use

The personal information the Company receives from Users will be used to send emails when the Company contacts Users, sends business information and responds to inquiries.

Prohibition of disclosing/providing personal information to third parties

The Company will properly manage the personal information it receives from Users and will not disclose the personal information to third parties unless one of the following applies.

  1. When Users agree
  2. When the Company consigns and discloses information to a contractor for services that Users request
  3. When laws and regulations require disclosures

Personal information safety measures

The Company will implement full security measures for the accuracy and safety of personal information.

Identity verification

When Users request personal information inquiries/amendments/removals, the request will be processed once the identity has been verified.

Compliance with laws and regulations/revisions

The Company will revise and improve the content of this policy as needed according to Japanese laws and regulations as well as other standards related to the personal information we manage.


For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information by the Company, please contact using the Inquiry Form.