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A unique lesson where you can enjoy otaku-talk about the Japanese cultures. With JAPONEZE, tutors will ask you many questions concerning your favorite topic related to Japanese cultures during the lesson on the supposition of an actual and realistic situation of yourself. The lessons are intense and fast-paced. Importantly, our lessons are based on communications so that you can enjoy conversations with our supportive tutors.

    JAPONEZE features:
  • Otaku-talk will improve your speaking skills, from beginners to advanced Japanese learners.
  • You can lean REAL and useful Japanese.
  • We have the intense Question and Answer Drill where you will answer the asked questions with speed, but with accuracy.
  • The warming up session with the Voice Training will make you able to speak up confidently and clearly.

Our Special Conversation Lessons via Otaku-talk

JAPONEZE provides unique lessons where students can learn REAL and useful Japanese, especially for otaku and anime lovers. How is it so unique?


Question and Answer Drill

Here, you can practice your Japanese through otaku-talk that allows you to enjoy talking about your hobbies related to Japan. You will be asked many questions in a Japanese-native speed, and you will be answering them in a grammatical manner. The tutor will be correcting mistakes the moment you make them, grammatically and with pronunciation, until you fully get it.

Native speakers from the first-class universities

Anime-Style Dictation
Like a voice actor

Here, students will follow the teacher's example, referencing the shared anime video clips and lines on Skype. By speaking like a voice actor recording, students will be able to apprehend more native-like vocal techniques, intonation, and tempo of speech. This is a great way to practice and experience Real Japanese. It's also good for watching Japanese anime.

Pronunciation training program

The Vocal Exercise
Voice Training

In order to master perfect spoken Japanese like a professional speaker, the vocal exercise leads you to speak up confidently by repeating after the native Japanese tutor. You will be well trained to belt out from your stomach. You will be learned Japanese in a professional Japanese speakers like a narator, actor/actress and seiyu.


Japanese Tutors Online

Let’s find a tutor that suits you best!


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Monthly Membership Plan

The monthly membership plan is based on a fixed monthly payment.
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Pay-As-You-Go Plan

The pay-as-you-go plan allows you to purchase points whenever you need them.
This plan is recommended for people who want to try out a lesson first.

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  • You get one point for every 1 yen.
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Payment method

Our service uses credit card payment to purchase the points for the lessons. We accept VISA, Master Card, and JCB as a payment method.

Credit Card Payment

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  • Once the payment is confirmed, you will be able to book lessons immediately.
Assistance for your homework, writing essays, interviews, speeches

Assistance for your homework, writing essays and interviews

You don’t need to feel alone when you are learning Japanese anymore. Our Japanese tutors are always here to help on your schedule. Our tutors can help you with writing Japanese essays, advice for an interview or speech, proof-reading, etc. You will be working 1-on-1 with a tutor online. We cover essay-writing through the undergraduate level.

Personalized help for all Japanese learners including returnees

Personalized help for Japanese learners including returnees

Our supportive tutors are mostly current undergraduates from top universities in Tokyo who are willing to help you to improve your Japanese. In addition, we provide a personalized help in a wide range of Japanese learning including Japanese returnees.

Assistance with applications for study abroad in Japan

A helping hand for study-abroad by undergraduate tutors in Japan

Getting ready for a study-abroad is never easy. Our undergraduate tutors can provide a helping hand in writing applications, correcting your resumes, essays, personal statements and interviews for educational institutions to study in Japan. Our support service can also help you with your daily life in Japan.